About me and mine

Firstly, hello! Iv started this blog to document my adventure as a mummy, ups and downs included along with the odd rant about the terrible 2’s we are currently experiencing! (Let’s be honest is going to be more than the odd rant with a 2yr old going on 13!)

My name is Heidi and I was a little late to the mummy gang at the “geriatric” age of 35, that’s what my hospital notes said anyway! (Cheers docs!) I didn’t think I’d ever be lucky enough to meet mr right and have our own little bundle.
Then along came Shaun, truly my rock and my best friend and my hubby to be in one. He is 12 yrs younger than me and I honestly didn’t think we would have anything thing in common when we first met but here we are 4 years later and with our beautiful girls, Olivia 2.5 and Bethany-Rae 7 months. My absolute world. And not forgetting Lily our family dog.

Im a stay at home mummy and realise I’m so lucky to be able to do that and have the support of Shaun to continue to do so.
Olivia is a bright, happy, caring and very energetic little girl who has absolutely adored her baby sister since the day we brought her home. She goes to pre school twice a week and loves it!
This gives me time to have some one on one with the littlest, Bethany-Rae. She is growing way way to fast and has now in the last 2 weeks started to properly crawl and cut her first tooth, I want to press pause as it’s going to quick. Being my last baby I want to soak up every single second like I did with Olivia.

Which is why, as Iv already said, is the reason for this blog. To keep the memories written down and to look back on in tears to come.

Now me, I enjoy a glass of prossecco on occasion (if the day ends in a y and it’s been a particularly bad day!) and my best evening is on the sofa with a film, my best friend and popcorn. The rest of the time as long as I have my family with me I’m a happy bunny.

So that’s me and mine.
Thank u so much for reading and I hope u enjoy the future blogs i write and please come say hello and tell me about you and yours.

Now let the adventure continue………


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