My Mummy Tummy

Let’s set the record straight, I’m no modal. Never have been never will be, but I do like to be able to get into fairly fashionable clothes and be able to breathe and eat! 

I wasn’t super slim before I had Olivia, my eldest, but I was comfortable and average size, I worked out when I could be bothered. Dare I say when I had the time! 

(Oooo note to past self- u have no idea what having no time truly means till u have kids haha!) 

And once I fell pregnant I did take that opportunity to eat for 2 and bloody enjoy it! Then with our difficulties at the end of the pregnancy, that will be in a future blog, and a c section as the result followed by problems after. Well losing the baby weight just didn’t enter in my vision, watching, holding and showing my baby the big world was all that mattered to me. 

Then when she was approx 15/16 months old I started going to a class with some other mummy friends doing weights and cardio, i was really enjoying it and having that boost of energy! 

Then we discovered we were expecting our littlest baby girl, so me being me and over cautious I stopped going and relaxed the diet.

So second pregnancy and having to take things easier (as much as that was possible with a toddler!) and then a second c section ment the exercise was put off even longer!!

When Bethany-Rae turned 6 months I decided now was the time to get back on track! So being inspired by a lovely lady blogger I have been following, I joined slimming world. 

So far my weight loss has been slow and steady but I’m happy with that if it stays off! I received my first half a stone loss certificate last week and was so bloody chuffed with myself! 

Pride of place on front of the fridge haha! 

I know it won’t be easy but I will get there, I need to get there so I can find some of the old me again. She needs to join up with the new me and my new amazing roll of mummy.


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