Feeling a little lost ……..

Been so long since Iv had a chance to write anything I feel like Iv lost the inspiration and don't know what to write about (?!) feeling a little lost in general some days

Having 2 little ones under 3 is AMAZING but such hard work! Especially when they don't sleep so great. I don't seem to find the time at the min to dry my hair after a shower in the morning (or evening come to that) let alone write on my blog, which makes me sad as this is my little bit of space and I so desperately want to write and share.
The summer holidays are in full swing g and I'm loving having the biggest at home, even thou she only does 2.5 days at pre school it's still nice (but again hard work to keep them both entertained!)
So why on earth am I contemplating having a 3rd!!???? I'm not sure I feel "done" or is that just the fact that Bethany-Rae has left the baby stage and apart from morning and bedtime bottles and nappy changing she is a toddler already thru and thru!
Plus I'm also struggling to with no sleep now so what would a new born do to me haha!
I'm thinking it's just the normal faze of the youngest child growing up and actually dating "that's my last baby".
What I do need to start doing, which I feel I'm always saying, is focus some time on me. Make sure I make the effort to blow dry my hair and put that piece of jewellery on to make me feel good and do my nails or that at home facial Iv brought and still not used.
For me I know even with the lack of sleep that if I make the effort to do some of these things I will in turn once again feel good about myself, in turn making me a better person but more importantly a better and much more fun mummy!

Anyone else feel like this sometimes?


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