Littlest’s 1 year update

Bethany-Rae's 1st Birthday and update, I'm a tad late as she is already 14months now (but see last post about that) well she has well and truly turned into a toddler over night. She is walking, climbing, saying some words and basically getting into any kind of mischief she can with Olivia. Much to Olivia's delight!

Food wise we aren't doing so well. I half wonder if this is also to do with the lack of sleeping through and still having bottle during the night.
She will mainly only let us feed her "baby food" all mushed up and with only some lumps. She will occasionally eat what we do I.e chips, odd fish finger, potatoes and some egg.
She will happily like most kids devour a biscuit or packet of crisps! So I know there is nothing wrong and lumps aren't a problem but just being more like her sister who was exactly the same! (However she was 5 weeks early and we were always told until 1year she would be that 5 weeks behind, so I put that down to the not eating. Turns out it was a load of rubbish!)

Iv tried cutting down milk and stopping the night feeds but this just resulted In a hell on earth of a weeks worst nights sleep EVER. So she has kept her nightly feed and at least sleeps better than she did.
But that aside she is doing absolutely amazing, she loves her sister still and follows her round like a shadow just as much as always. Utterly adorable to watch.

How are your little ones with food and weaning stages? I'd love to know!

Next blog will be about my equally gorgeous and amazing Olivia, how is she 3 and starting school next year?!


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